The huge bull, Allegory of Venice Carnival 2012

4 February 2012

Place: Punta della Dogana

A huge bull, Carnival 2012 Allegory, arrives at Venice. The Allegory is inspired by ancient rites of the venetian lagoon, linked to the antique celebration of the bulls. The Bull will be our carnival main symbol, that will symbolize the kermesse until the last day, Tuesday the 21st, when the Bull will become the protagonist of a ritual of “sacrifice”.
The Bull sculpture is conceived and realized by Guerrino Lovato*.

*Guerrino Lovato is an internationally well-known artist and sculptor. He studied at Accademia di Belle Arti of Venice and estabilished a masks workshop and shop. Among his most famous masterpieces, we mention models in sculpture for the decoration in the reconstruction of the great dome style Romanoff, desired by Yeltsin, for the Kremlin in Moscow; at the request of the Vatican, he made a statue of Christ in Michelangelo\’s style 6 meters high.
In 1998 Guerrino moves in the U.S., working in the studios of Los Angeles and New York to the interior decoration of The Venetian, the largest hotel-casino in Las Vegas. Nel 2002-2003, in Venice, he designed and modeled all design of the sculptures and bas-reliefs of the ornate auditorium for the reconstruction of the Gran Teatro La Fenice.
In 2004 he made, ??on behalf of Palazzo Grassi, the group of four sculptures in resin and glass (11 meters in total) reproducing one of the most famous paintings of Salvador Dali, on the occasion of the solo exhibition of the master of Surrealism. In addition, in 2010 in Verona has made ??the seventh VECIA EPIPHANY 9 meters above the fire in the show “LA BRUSA VECIA” in Piazza Bra. “